carbon foot print

carbon footprint verification

Verification services for voluntary greenhouse gas assertions

Climate change is a global issue which demands the attention of organizations, governments and individuals alike. Already, forward-thinking organizations have begun voluntarily declaring their GHG emissions for reasons such as risk management, cost reduction, brand protection, and attracting socially responsible investment. And in the process those organizations have prepared themselves for the GHG legislation of tomorrow.
The process of measuring, calculating and declaring your organization’s direct and indirect GHG emissions is typically referred to as carbon footprinting. An accurate carbon footprint is an important step to manage and reduce the impact of your organization on climate change.
Firstly you need to decide on the scope of footprint that best suits your needs, while ensuring that it’s sufficiently complete to be credible. The accuracy and validity of your footprint is dependent on a clear, consistent and transparent approach throughout the process of calculation.
Global Equation provides training courses on the current best practice approaches to footprinting to enable you to get started.
Once you have established your carbon footprint you can begin implementing programmes to manage and reduce carbon emissions across your organization, and begin realizing cost savings.
Verifying your carbon footprint is important to ensure it is robust enough to be declared to demonstrate your organization’s positive approach to climate change.

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