greenhouse gas emission

greenhouse gas emission verification

Ensuring the accuracy of emission information

The EU Directive for mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions is part of a wider strategic and economic requirement regarding greenhouse gas management that affects organizations across the globe.
We undertake GHGEV for baseline emissions, annual emissions and project-based emissions reductions for diverse regional initiatives. This includes cap and trade in Europe, reduction-based schemes in Asia and the latest international management system standard ISO 14064-1.
There has been a surge in demand for third party verification around the world due to organizations declaring their GHG emissions. In Europe this is because of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) which commenced in 2005. In Asia, voluntary schemes such as the emerging Taiwanese Bureau of Energy Scheme and Japanese Voluntary Emissions Trading (JVET) pilot project are driving interest. US states are drafting legislation, with California leading the way and others grouping together into regions to establish their own regulations.

Understanding GHG inventory techniques, emissions verification and emissions trading is fundamental to any organization wishing to manage greenhouse gases. Our approach will help you to identify opportunities for energy consumption savings and process improvement, whilst demonstrating the objectively assessed measurements which key stakeholders are demanding.

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