accompagnement conseil organisation

in-company / in-house & tailored training

We are able to deliver any of our courses specifically for your organization.
Often clients ask for a course to meet their specific needs. In these cases, we can modify courses, adding new modules or even combining two or more courses into an integrated program.
Many clients also ask us to work on a one to one basis with a project leader or team, particularly useful during the development and implementation of a system. The course program may be only one day or it could extend to several days depending on the pace of your project.

Benefit Summary

  •  Course material appropriate to your industry/business sector can be developed
  •  Sensitive or market competitive information may be introduced without commercial compromise
  •  Course pace can match the level of authority and learning ability of each student
  •  Prioritization of agenda topics can be adapted according to your learning needs
  •  Ultimate savings are made in travel, accommodation and personnel time
  • Individual and/or group mentoring and guidance can be provided

This results in substantial savings even while people are still in training, and helps your employees develop the desired competency and performance levels. In-Company based training provides the ultimate in value, cost savings and profitability.

As one of the leading independent training organizations in conformity assessment training our range of public training courses are well known, but we spend more of our time providing « In-Company » training programs for individual organizations.

Courses can be adapted to your specific needs, or a totally bespoke course can be developed. Our delivery approach incorporates accelerated learning, combining up-to-date experience with practical application to maximize student learning. The combination of training with real-life application is one of the key benefits of « In-Company » training delivery, why not for example extend your training program with a ‘real live audit’ assisted by one of our tutors.

All types of organizations from large multi-national to small-to-medium sized businesses and the public sector use our on-site programs.
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